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Fearing Fear

Posted on: 4 October 2007

they say it’s good to talk
get it off your mind
I don’t know
who does one turn to
to confide
the worries churning inside
your guts burning
turning your mind
into jelly
you can’t think straight
can’t string together
your thoughts your words
and then if you say it
it may really happen
like before
the fear you fear above all else
bury it
suppress it
let it go
say it isn’t so
then it isn’t
then it can’t be
then it won’t ever be
best keep it to yourself
don’t let anyone know

copyright 2007 ann raven

Gosh, don’t know what got into me, two new poems in one day, this and the next post… I must have something on my mind. Shhhhhh….It’s strange when something disturbs you and you just can’t, you can’t say the words, so somehow you leave faint clues that something bothers you and maybe hope someone, not just anyone, but someone special will pick up on it, because it’s too awful to spell it out in black and white or voice your fears out loud, but if someone asks, just maybe, then maybe would you… but they don’t, they don’t see or maybe they do, but they are afraid to ask or they simply don’t care enough… or maybe it’s better that way, left unsaid. I don’t know.


8 Responses to "Fearing Fear"


I suppose it depends if it’s a person or place or thing that causes the fear.

Leaving clues, or bread crumbs, never is the best idea. If there is something that troubling, then ask.

Love you.

Less than two weeks now.

Shabbat Shalom

oh, wow. this is so brilliantly written and so completely true. i couldn’t count the number of times i’ve wanted THAT person to catch my hints and deal with the issue that i was too afraid to bring up.

the only person who ever did was dee… and that just never quite went the way i wanted it to. lol.

great post, ann!



I am afraid of something
that is beyond my control!

just two weeks… mmmm

lotsa luv ann xxxx

oh greggo, thank you so much.
I think everyone probably has
some experience of this at
some time or other…

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

This was really strong and each line was a perfect rhythm.

I love the way you write your poems into these perfect crescendos that leap off into imagination so easily.

Take care!

Ah! It’s been so long since I got out of myself and wandered through the haunts of my blogging friends. It was a breath of fresh air to catch up and read your poems!

Perfect account of fear and worry … peace, JP/deb

oh ann, this poem pierced me.
Ironically, you wrote much better what I feel in the poem I just posted.

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