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Posted on: 8 December 2006

Ten days, only ten days to go and my babies will be back in their booba’s arms… altogether now… aaaaaaaah!

Some have suggested my weirdisms weren’t weird enough… got me thinking. I do have one or two other meshugases as we say…

I can’t stand empty clothes hangers hanging in the wardrobes.

I always wear jewellery when I go out but the minute I get in the house or the office, I take it off. I hardly ever wear necklaces; I can’t stand anything around my neck, only kisses.

At last I posted a new mrsbg. I was in trouble with my muse. Vincent came to me in a vision… yeah, I know what you’re all thinking; what’s new… but to elucidate matters, Bobby is my fantasy not Vincent. Vincent is my muse. He sat me down, took my hands in his and told me in his sweet soft voice to move myself and to stop dragging my heels. He said there is only one Mrs Goren and I have to keep her going…. or else. I quite fancied a bit of “or else” with Vincent, but then he was gone and I was back sitting by my keyboard.

So, thank you Vincent and in your honour a beautiful photograph of you and a short sweet verse that I believe your fans will readily associate with…. I certainly did. If you don’t mind I think that London-Love my place for everything Vincent D’Onofrio will now just be a weekly feature.

I have also written two of my own, that truly reflect how I feel. Yesterday would have been our wedding anniversary and I woke up feeling good. I scrawled Love Love in bad traffic on my way to the office yesterday and our secretary remarked on my exceptionally good spirits… I’m usually in good spirits, which means I was probably really irritating her dancing and prancing around, even though my workload was heavy and yawnworthy. My Heart has been around in draft form for ages, but without the ending. Yesterday I could complete it.

At the moment I am enjoying the poetry… I appreciate it is not to everyone’s taste and hardly in the league of the professionals, but I’m getting a kick from it… I wish I had more time to devote then maybe it would improve…. hmm… or maybe not!

I am not around too much over the weekend. Out for Shabbat lunch tomorrow and of course… da da, the engagement party on Sunday. I have been rather busy busy, but I hope to visit everyone today.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and Shabbat Shalom to my Jewish friends.

P.S. Have just put the phone down from talking to No.1 son. They are all well and he’s waxing lyrical over Moriah who he says has the sweetest temperament and is such a delight. He doesn’t have to convince me… I know. Ooooooh I am so excited… think I’m the biggest kid of all.


P.P.S. Diesel has an interesting challenge. He is going to read most books that are recommended to him… there are certain rules which he has spelt out for me very simply on G’s blog. I guess it’s like a marathon read, but really more a readathon. I wish him luck.

Diesel I would love you to read The Kite Runner, a debut novel by the pen of Khaled Hosseini published in 2003 and it is under 500 pages. I don’t think I saw it on your list and I know it is reasonably and readily available from Amazon.

I’m not sure how adequately I can review it now as I initially read it three years ago, but it is set in Afghanistan and moves to America. I seem to recommend it to everyone and some of you will be getting it for Christmas presents, because I so want to share this amazing story.

One of my favourite authors Isabel Allende wrote of the book, “Unforgettable… extraordinary. It is so powerful that for a long time after, everything I read seemed bland.”

I echo her words and I shall read it again when I go away soon and come back with a better review than saying read it because I did and I enjoyed it.


21 Responses to "HOPE IT’S A GOOD ONE"

So happy that you and grandbabies will soon be together! You have the most BEAUTIFUL grandchildren. Every time I see them, I want some of my own (no wait- let’s let Alex get through college first!) Glad your muse came to visit and MAZELTOV on the engagement party!
Shabbat Shalom, dear Ann.

What cute pictures!!

HI Ann!Lovely grandchildren!The only g-kids my mother is getting from me are the ones I already have…her four-legged snoutbabies.They ARE cute,loud and make messes…just like their human counterparts;)!

You want Bobby and I want Lex Luthor…is that a bad things?Well,there have been many Lex’s,I have a BIG crush on Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex.Not my usual bodytype (that would be D’Onofrio) but I LOVE his skill in playing Lex.

Well,enough of my fantasy man…have a great weekend Ann.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Love the babies!! And soon-to-be headed over for a visit with Mrs. BG!!

coooolll grandbabies!!! how many of them do u have now??? 2? 5? 12?

Kate: you’re too young yet… wait your turn…. LOL

Amy: thanks

Bryde: Lex Luther… oh my… well each to their own I guess… LOL

Grace: I love them too….. aaaaaah!

Anon: only the two… my other children aren’t married yet and…. hmmmm…. I’m not old enough

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Great shots of the kids….Moriah is getting so big! And Boaz with that wide eyed look at the donut. How cute are they?!

Have an ab fab weekend and engagement party! You must be so excited for your trip too.

See ya next week!
Love, JoJo

PS Have you heard from Axe since she went back to her mom’s? I mailed her a package there last week; I hope she gets it OK.

Oh I love the baby pics! They are beautiful. And I’ll have to catch up on some of your poetry. THe Kite Runner is a book that I’ll have to add to my own “Meaning to Read” list. When are you leaving to go away?

Shabbat Shalom booba and enjoy the weekend. Oh my gosh – and mazal tov on the simcha. Enjoy the Engagement Party! xox

The final episode of The Kite Runner is on Book At Bedtime on Radio 4 tonight at 10.45. I’d better not let myself miss it!

Loved Mrs BG. She has obviouly taught you a lot about guns.

jojo: no I haven’t heard from Axe… will try and call her before I go away, but I don’t think she’s at her parents, just the children are there.

g: I’m going next Sunday.. can’t wait… yeah. Thanks for the good wishes.

val: I don’t know a thing about guns… I’ll leave that to the experts and mrsbg… LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Thank you for my pics and Good Shabbos! 🙂

Adorable grandkids as usual! I’m sure it will be wonderful to hug and kiss them again. Thank goodness for the muse… guess that’s why I didn’t see him at Disneyland afterall… he obviously had a more important thing to take care of.
Off now to enjoy the latest installment…

I can only imagine Boaz after eating that large donut. It would probably be similar to when he was decorated in purple. LOL. 🙂

Ann – I’m adding it to my list. Thanks!

Hi Ann
I’m finally getting a chance to pop in to say “hi”
Been very busy!
Your visit yesterday was so very nice!
You always leave such kind words!
Thank you!

Only a short time till you see your little darlings again!
I know you cannot wait!!!
They are so precious!

Enjoy your weekend!


Jill: I would have loved to have bathed him after that. Just hope I don’t find any leftovers down the back of the couch… LOL

Claire: Maybe he was wearing the Mickey Mouse costume… just in case this is his last series… hmmm!

Diesel: Great… hope you love it as much as I do

Margie: It’s so easy to leave nice words, because you write such nice verse.

Shavuah Tov… Shabbat is over here

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx


I like it here Ann!!!

Beautiful grandbabies!

Hope you have a good weekend Ann!!

So how is the weather in there, miss Ann? I’ve been wondering what London is like. 🙂

Pixie: aaaaah you’re welcome here; my door is open

Tess: I’m having a great weekend.. hope you are too

Anon: London is wonderful… last week the weather was atrocious, but this weekend the sun has shone and it is a bright crispy day… perfect for a party

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Cute pics!


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