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She’s A Lady

Posted on: 10 December 2006

It only takes one little thing
To change the course of everything
Good intent to be oh so… good
Unfortunately too quickly overlooked
When something catches corner of her eye
Says to herself, just politely smile
But it is something so ridiculous
That her meticulous
Plans go awry
Is she the only one to see
That gentleman eat the potpourri
Her objective to be a perfect lady again
Exercise poise good bearing dignity refined
Except inside
She’s still a little girl
And she’s watching disaster about to unfurl
Aware there’s a silly smile gracing her face
She has no self-control as gleeful giggles escape
Now all eyes are on her you see
Not on the impending catastrophe
Oh woe is she, the hostess and host
Arm in arm purposefully approach
She’s not laughing now
For somehow
She’s somewhat subdued and rather meek
But they grasp her hand and they kiss her cheek
Mwah mwah à la bourgeois
Oh dahling… don’t change whatever you do
We love you being you

said in English uppercrust voice
blah blah blah
ha ha ha

copyright 2006 ann raven


6 Responses to "She’s A Lady"

This is beautiful Ann. Jill

Hope you had a good time today Ann. 🙂

Great fun!


And who’s this sweet lady? 🙂


I only know one person who goes *Mwah, mwah*…

Jill, thanks
Brian, I did, thanks for asking
Tom, I lurv fun
Keshi, I wonder
Val, would it be a certain fictional detective’s fictional wife…. lol

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